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Welcome to CEPA

Mission Statement

The mission of the Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) is to promote and protect County agriculture, protect and preserve the environment, foster confidence and equity in retail sales, prevent, preserve, and improve environmental factors impacting public health and safety, and improve outcomes for abandoned and community animals.


Santa Clara County Farmworker Housing Needs

The County of Santa Clara is trying to determine how much housing is needed for our Farm Worker Community. To do so, we are asking farmers and all types of farm workers to complete surveys to help us understand how the County can help.  We also have community events planned to help spread the word and gather more surveys.  We are hopeful to obtain enough data to help the County encourage new farm worker housing projects to meet the needs of the community.

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Programs and Services

Fruits & vegetables


Find out where certified farmers’ markets are located in the county, view crop reports, how to identify pests, learn about our dog team, invasive pests, and how to report a pesticide problem.

Dog at Animal Services

Animal Services

Adopt, volunteer, foster or donate and find resources for animals in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County and the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy.

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Weights and Measures

Learn about how we protect the buyer and seller in all monetary transactions that use weight, measure, or count; register a business, or file an overcharge complaint.

finding records

Public Records Request

Request for business information and more.

Household hazardous waste

Household Hazardous Waste

Free drop-off for household hazardous waste.
Business hazardous waste disposal (VSQG).

Collection Truck

Integrated Waste Management

Learn more about garbage recycling and organics collection in Unincorporated Santa Clara County.

Water dipping at a local marsh

Vector Control

Learn how to detect and minimize vector-borne diseases, abate mosquitos, and resolve problems with rodents, wildlife, and insects that can cause disease, discomfort or injury in humans.

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Watershed Protection Division

Learn about stormwater pollution prevention and report an illegal dumping/discharge into a storm drain or waterway.

Tractor cutting fire break

Weed Abatement

Report overgrown weeds, trees, bushes, or debris that could cause a fire hazard.

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Agriculture and Environmental Management

North County
1553 Berger Drive, Bldg. 1, 2nd FL
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 918-4600
Fax: (408) 286-2460
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South County
80 W. Highland Avenue, Bldg. K
San Martin, CA 95046
Phone: (408) 201-0640
Fax: (408) 683-2776
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Animal Services 
12425 Monterey Road 
San Martin, CA 95046 
Phone: (408) 686-3900
Fax: (408) 683-2776 
Field Services: (408) 201-0660 
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Vector Control District 
1580 Berger Drive 
San Jose, CA 95112 
Phone: (408) 918-4770 or 1-800-675-1155 
Fax: (408) 298-6356 
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